I come from Sochaczew, the place where I grew up and where I live.

I earned my master’s degree in History from The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (KUL), where I also completed postgraduate studies in Local Government and Regional Policy. I went on to the Warsaw School Of Economics to study Management as well as Human Resources Management. Later on, at the College of Social and Media Culture, I gained significant knowledge about the European Union Funds and how to maximize their utility.

For almost thirteen years I have been involved in local politics, serving in various positions as a local government officer. In the years 2002-2006, I acted as the Chairman of the Sochaczew Municipal Board.

As an admirer of history and sports, I founded the “Castle” Association for the Restoration of Sochaczew (Stowarzyszenie Odnowy Sochaczewa “Zamek”). Since 2001, along with a group of dedicated people, we organized many great events such as The Tadeusz Krawczyk Family Bike Rally in Sochaczew County, Wild Team Football Tournaments and The Sochaczew Recent History Day.

Furthermore, I have initiated a series of guide books called, “Exploring the Land of Sochaczew” („Wędrówki po Ziemi Sochaczewskiej”). I am particularly proud of being able to restore and mark The King Jagiełło Historical Trail in the Land of Sochaczew. In 2008 our hard work was awarded with the title “Pearl in the crown of Mazovia” („Perła w koronie Mazowsza”), the portal had carried on the poll.

In the years of my social work activity I have collaborated with numerous organizations and institutions, for instance, Association for the Development of the Land of Iłów (Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Rozwoju Ziemi Iłowskiej), We Are Together Foundation (Fundacja Jesteśmy Razem), French Association Sur un Air de Pologne, The Institute of National Remembrance (Instytutem Pamięci Narodowej), as well as, local governments at various levels, sports clubs, parishes, local media, and schools.

In 2011, I was elected a Member of the Polish Parliament. In connection with my past experience, I work in the State Treasury Committee as well as with the Environment Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry Committee. Moreover, I am a member of the Parliamentary Group for the Protection of Life and Family; it is an issue of the utmost importance to me.

From my own experience, I know very well what life in a small town entails. I know the problems of people who commute to larger cities. I became acquainted with the difficulties of farmers and the employees of large companies. As a result, both in my previous activity as a local government officer and now as a Member of the Parliament, working in the interest of the common man is of highest importance to me.

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Welcome to my website!

Here you will find a few words about me and my responsibilities as an MP. However, the main purpose of this website is to facilitate your contact with me, so that all your queries and problems could reach me ASAP.

maciej malecki


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